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Thursday 14th May learning tasks

Hello I hope you are well here is today's home learning for Thursday 14th May

Don't forget to check in with the caterpillars today it is day 22.



Personal Social and Emotional Development- Relationships

Today you should be ready to draw your 4th picture for your 'That's not fair ' collection - don't worry if you are not. have a look at the notes below from Monday - they may help. 

Notes from Monday:  - this week we are going to think about all the things in our lives that are sometimes unfair on us! Not getting the last biscuit. Having to wait for story time, needing to talk to mummy or daddy first, having to share a toy, wanting to go left but everyone else wants to go right! Having to walk when your feet hurt, wanting to stay up late, not getting to eat sweets every day, not being able to watch your favourite TV programme, the list goes on, I’m sure you could add some in!

Each day I would like you to draw a picture of something that is not fair.  (You could fit all 5 on one page.) Or you could write the sentence to go with your idea – or your grown up could write it for you.  I look forward to seeing them at the end of the week – you may be relating your work to personal experience or someone who you may have heard about – if you are really struggling think back (or listen back) to the stories from the last 2 weeks about Nina and Tom.

Physical Development - Gross motor control

Why don't you have another go at some of the things I suggested from yesterday - it will help with your counting too!


Can you do your moves in sets of 20?

20 star jumps

20 hops on the spot

20 bunny hops

20 seconds of running on the spot

20 catches of a cushion

Physical Development - Fine Motor Control.


Can you make a pattern with eee and spirals - try doing them slowly so you are being really careful - can you do small ones and large ones. change colours , make a rainbow!



Communication Language and Literacy with Knowledge and Understanding and Maths

(In fact - all areas of our Early years curriculum!)


A little game to play today to combine your knowledge of the life cycle of a sunflower and your number skills.

Roll the dice and colour in the item on the paper / or roll the dice and draw the thing on the picture.

Roll a 1 and plant the seed

Roll a 2 the seed germinates

Roll a 3 it is a seedling

Roll a 4 the plant grows

Roll a 5 the sunflower opens

Roll a six and the plant dies and drops its seeds.

If you play it for 10 minutes you could see how many of each thing you have drawn.

If you down want to draw them you could collect buttons/cubes for each thing to build up your plant.

Whoever has the most parts at the end is the winner! Make your own rules – have fun!



Find and write the ‘oi’ sound – there is a whole collection of levels in the sheets today on the attached PDF.  Please choose wisely – I’m sure you are able to make the judgement on which one to give your child.  If they are reading fluently then they can try sheet 1 and if they need a little bit of support then try sheet 2 or 3. If they are not feeling the love of a challenge today read through page 4 together.


Day 22: What are the Caterpillars up to today?

Can you write a short sentence or tell you grown up what you would like them to write.


A Number blocks clip to get you counting today - hope you enjoy it!

I Can Count To Twenty Song | Numberblocks

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