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Thursday 14th May

Good Morning Year 6. All your Thursday home learning activities can be found right here!

Maths: Thursday Arithmetic

Here are 10 arithmetic questions for our maths today. Remember that these are just like the 4 questions we do usually do every day in class (except there is 10 of them!)


You should be able to get on with these independently. Answer these questions in your workbook.

If you really cannot do one, move on to the next one and come back to it later. Remember to check your working out carefully to avoid silly mistakes.


  1. 100 × 412 =
  2. 3.005 + 6.12 =
  3. 486 ÷ 3 =
  4. 15.98 + 26.314 =
  5. 125.48 − 72.3 =
  6. 71 x 46
  7. 20% of 1,800 =
  8. 15 × 6.1 =
  9. 725 ÷ 29
  10. 2/5 × 140 =


Now that you have completed the 10 questions, mark your answers using the document below.

Thursday Maths ANSWERS


Today, we will look at something that can be quite tricky at times: relative clauses. These can be mixed up with expanded noun phrases, but hopefully by the end of today you will be amazing at spotting them.


So, as before, you will look at a video and take some BBC quizzes. Then you can try out your new skills for yourself in a tiny relative clauses mini-test!

Relative clauses | English - Grammar for 11-14-year-olds

Suitable for teaching 11-14s. Mr Selfie gets to grips with relative clauses.

Give Your Parents a Break Week


Click below to take you to the page detailing activities that you might wish to take part in. See what the rest of the school are up to as well!

This day in history: 1796


English country doctor Edward Jenner administers the first inoculation against smallpox, using cowpox pus, in Berkeley, Gloucestershire. This was the first vaccine and meant that many millions of lives have been saved since.

The Origin of Vaccines

The case of the English physician and surgeon Edward Jenner (1749-1823) is one of perseverance and method, but also of an audacity.

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