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Thursday 11th June 2020


We are going to be focusing on different words and spelling patterns as part of our revision over the next few weeks. 

Today I am uploading three worksheets that you could try, please note you don't need to print them off and they could be made as a page in your books or notepads etc. 



Today is another chance to get some reading in- not many of you have quizzed so far! 

It would be brilliant to see more of you quizzing and reading. 

If you need support please let me know!


The lesson today follows the Zoom lesson we are having at 10.30 this morning. 

We hope you can all make it!

Your parents have been sent the link to login. 



Today our focus is on finding fractions as decimals, we have looked at this before so this should serve as some revision for you. 

Remember that fractions and decimals are equivalent because they both show parts of a whole. 

Have a go and see how you get on. 


Year 5 - Decimals as fractions


Today we are looking at the portraiture of Frida Khalo whose paintings we looked at last week. 

Have a look through the slides, thinking about how she composes her art work.


Now it is your chance to create your own self portrait!

There are some guidelines you can use, or you could simply begin to create it from scratch!

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