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Everyone loves a hero.  See ours in the new School Heroes portal.  Better still - why not be one?

Next time your boiler goes or you need your garden sorting out, turn to our School Heroes link on our website.  You'll find a growing list of sponsors - businesses who kindly support our school, but who might just be able to help you out as well.

As well as showcasing the organisations and people that are helping us find things like new books and IT, extra programmes, visits and other resources for your children, we're hoping with your help the portal will become a handy directory of local services.

Tell your employer, or maybe you own a business yourself.  A sponsored showcase listing will give you a captive audience of hundreds of parents and other people interested in us, all keen to support the school and who may be on the look-out for services like yours.

A School Heroes showcase listing costs from as little as £50 a year.  That's low-investment marketing with a huge feel-good factor.

To see the School Heroes listings, have a look at the Marvellous Me app, or visit to become a School Hero yourself.

Thank you for your support.

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