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Supporting phonics and reading at home

Supporting phonics at home


Here you will find a selection of resources that will hopefully support the learning of phonics and reading at home.


At school, we teach Read Write Inc in small groups, following clear expectations and guidelines for the children. At home, you can follow a similar routine if you wish. We intended to deliver training on this during the Spring term and will do so once school is back - these are the training materials. If you have any questions, please email Mr English at


The training materials can be found below:

Below is the presentation used for the EYFS and Year One online training. It is slightly adapted, to contain pointers for how you can support your child at home during home schooling.

Read Write Inc resources

The official Read Write Inc website has a great many resources to support parents.


Here you can find pronunciation guides, sound lists and worksheets to support you at home.

Parent video: How to say the sounds

Read Write guide for sound pronunciation

Green Words


Green words are word that children will be expected to sound out - blend - as they learn the sounds. Below are examples of them:

Red Words

Red words are words that cannot easily be sounded out. Pupils are expected to learn them to read off by heart.


You can support children to learn these through various ways, such as:

  • Flashcards
  • Playing snap
  • Hiding the words and finding them
  • Writing them out
  • Putting the words around a room and asking children to run to a particular word
  • Word matching


The red word lists can be found below:

Read Write Inc during school closures


At this time, Read Write Inc are providing daily YouTube videos for teach teaching speed sounds. There are daily videos for Set One, Two and Three sounds. You can find them from the link below:

Set 3 Speed Sounds - Tuesday, 31.03.2020

Watch Ruth and Rosie teach phonics lessons to help your child learn to read at home. Lessons are from Monday to Friday.

Below are websites that support phonics through games and activities:

Free home reading books

The Oxford Owl website offers free e-books for families these will be linked to the reading level of your child at school. You will need to register and it is free.

Collins publishing: free eBooks


Collins have also opened up many of their reading books available for parents for free. Please follow the weblink below for instructions upon how to access these.

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