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Week of the 2nd November 2020

Hello! Here you will find your work for the week. 


Tuesday - Guided reading

Have a read through the following poems and see if you can work out what make each one different to the next. Does it rhyme? Does it have the same amount of syllables in a line? Are the verses the same size? Does it tell a story? Is it set out in a particular way?


Look at this word ‘personification’

Can you notice another word within it?

Now we all know what people are! Can you think of something a person might do? For example they might sigh, walk, run, wave. 

Now, strangely personification is when we compare an object to a person! We say it is doing something a human can do.

Have a go at the worksheet below. 


Today you are going to be writing your own personification poem! 

Have a look below to give you some ideas: 

 Dinnertime Chorus

The teapot sang as the water boiled

The ice cubes cackled in their glass

the teacups chattered to one another.

While the chairs were passing gas

The gravy gurgled merrily

As the oil danced in a pan.

Oh my dinnertime chorus

What a lovely, lovely clan

Your job today is to write a personification poem about a gloomy, lonely house, which is so isolated there are no stars and no fireworks. 

Home” – A Poem of Powerful Lonliness Intertwined with Inspiration by Susan  Dahr | inmogul

If you are stuck, use these sentence starters to help you: 

  • The windows…..
  • The water……
  • The moon…..
  • The trees…..
  • The bricks…..
  • The clouds….
  • The stars……


You know how much we love editing in Year 4! 

Take some time to check the following things in your poem: 

  • Correct spellings
  • Commas
  • New verse when needed
  • Full stop when needed
  • Powerful vocabulary

Then read/perform your poem to people in your house. Can you add actions? Can you say it dramatically? Can you change your volume? Can you change your speed?



This week in maths, we are learning about measurement. Use the PowerPoints to help explain it before having ago at the worksheets. 

Understanding mm, cm, m, and km - YouTube

Afternoon tasks: 

Each child in the class is being given a different genre of music to research and present. It is your job to find out as much as you can about Rock and Roll! Create your own fact file answering the following questions. It would be great if you could display it on a plain piece of paper. This will probably take a few afternoons. Use the PowerPoint and worksheet to help you with your initial research before presenting it in a more exciting way!

  • Where did the genre begin in the world?
  • When did it begin?
  • What is important about this genre?
  • Who is famous from this genre?
  • What makes this genre different from the others?
  • What music might we recognise?


Why not have a go at the virtual challenge from home? Here is the link: