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Week of the 28th September 2020

Below you will find the work for the week beginning 28th September 2020



In maths this week we are continuing to look at place value. Have  a look at the PowerPoints and then see if you can complete the worksheet. 



In English, we are beginning the week by mummifying a fish! We will then be writing clear, concise instructions to help others with the elaborate mummifying process! You can either use the sheet below or create your own detailed version.


Guided reading

Find out more about Egyptian Gods before answering some questions on them.



Last week, we learnt about fronted adverbials. This week, we are learning about subordinate clauses. A fronted adverbial can be a subordinate clause! A subordinate clause adds extra information to the start, middle or end of a sentence.



This week, we are designing our own shadufs and attempting to build them. We will then test them out and see if we can successfully lift water!