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Week of the 12th October 2020

Hello! Here you will find your work for the week. 


Last week, we focused on addition, so this week we are looking at subtraction. Flick through the PowerPoints and then have a go at the questions. 


Monday - guided reading- have a go at the comprehension below 

Tuesday - We are going to be reviewing the film 'Mr Stink.' If you have not watched it, do your own review on a film which you have watched. Flick through the PowerPoint to see what you need to include. There is also a WAGOLL and scaffold to help (at the bottom of the page).

Wednesday - Today I am officially banning the use of the words 'nice, amazing, good and big,' in Year 4! Have a go at sorting the powerful words below into positive and negative words. If you are unsure of any, look them up in a dictionary and write down their meaning, so you remember them next time.  

Thursday - Now that we are basically human dictionaries after yesterday's work, we are going to up-level our work from Tuesday! Use the checklist in the PowerPoint to help you make your work even better than what it already is! 

Friday -We are really great at writing in Year 4, but sometimes forget paragraphs! Flick through the PowerPoint to find out when and how they should be used and then have a go at the activities. 

Monday and Tuesday afternoon

We are designing cards for Christmas. We are going to try to create faded backgrounds and silhouettes. Use the pictures below to inspire you.

Cards - Shop Online


Wednesday and Thursday afternoon:

We are learning how to say and write parts of the body, colours and adjectives in French! 


Why not have a go at the virtual challenge from home? Here is the link: