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Week beginning Monday 12th October 2020

Monday 12th October- Literacy

In class we will be orally describing the aliens we made out of soft clay. Perhaps you could draw and describe a picture of your own alien at home.

Can you think of any adjectives to describe the different body parts?

Can you describe what it looks and feels like?


Tuesday 13th October- Literacy

In class we will be labelling photographs of the alien models we made.

We will be thinking about each body part and trying to think of at least one or two adjective for each key feature.

For example-

sparkly purple spikes

bumpy brown body

shiny smooth eye

We will then be writing simple sentences to describe the alien.

For example-

My alien has a rough pink foot.

Wednesday 15th October- Literacy

We have been thinking about letter formation in class this week.

Today we will be using our best handwriting to copy up some facts about the moon for our class display.

In class we will be using silver pens on black lined paper. At home you could work on accurate letter formation and copy up a fact about the moon- using some of the ideas on the sheets below. One or two sentences is enough. You do not need to do this in a silver pen- use whatever you have at home!

Monday 12th October Maths

In class we will be thinking about the different fact families for different numbers.

See the attached sheets below- Select the page(s) most appropriate for your child- they do not need to complete every page!

Can you think of 2 then 4 addition calculations for 3 given numbers?

For example:

2 4 and 6

2 + 4 = 6

4 + 2 = 6

Then use the equals sign at the start:

6 = 4 + 2

6 = 2 + 4 

Tuesday 13th October - Maths

We will be finding different ways to make a given total and record in addition number sentences.

See the attached sheets below (again- select the sheet most appropriate for your child. They do not need to answer every question.)

Wednesday 14th October - Maths

We will be writing number bonds by working systematically so we don't miss any out. Select an appropriate level of sheet from below.

There is also a power point presentation to look at together.

Afternoon sessions this week- D and T

We will be starting to make furniture for our alien houses using the boxes the children have been collecting.

The children will be making the items they planned for Beegu in class- these might include a bed, a table, chair, picture frame and picture for the wall and perhaps a vase of flowers or a plant!

At home, you might like to start making some items for your Beegu home.

Thank you


We have been looking at blends at the end of words- see the sheets below to add sound buttons.

There is also a page to revise the set 2 sounds- ay, ee, igh, oo