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Week beginning 3rd January


This is our first week back.  We are launching our new topic next week. This week we have 3 days to look at a different aspect each day.

Wednesday: What do you get up to in your Christmas holidays? Did you do something nice with your family? Did you get to see some of your family members that you have not seen in a while? Did you go somewhere? Did someone come to your house? 

Can you have a go at writing your news or filling in the wring frame below. I have added two different resource sheets for you, or you could write your sentence on paper and draw a picture.

Note to parents: a short sentence where your child is able to use their own knowledge of sounds to have a go. Focus on the dominant sounds in the word. Model a sentence for them. Show how a full stop marks the end of a sentence.

e.g. I went to my grandma's house.

Task 2

In class we are thinking about how we are going to let our 'little light shine' during 2022.  We have started a new year and lots of people reflect on the year ahead and think about what they would like to achieve.  I would like you to think about what you could do to make your light shine this year. 

Some of the ideas from the children have been...

to learn to ride my bike.

to get better at going on a 2 wheeled scooter.

to get better at painting pictures.

I have added a writing frame for you below. 


Thursday: Makematicians Day

Today we are having a special day - combining maths and design technology (DT)

In Reception we are using the story Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson as our inspiration.

Listen to the story  - see link below.

Your task today is to make a broomstick for 5 characters to fit on. You could make it small or big! 

Can you fit 5 of your teddies on it?

5 members of your family?

5 small world figures?

You could use:

Sticks from the garden

Lolly sticks

Draw it

Roll up paper to make a cylinder

A real sweeping brush

Lego... etc.

Purpose: to make a broomstick that is long enough for your 5 characters to fit on. Is it long enough? Too short? Too long? Can you write the numbers for each of the passengers to fit on the stick, to make sure they are all there? (take care with number formation).

I have added some Room on the Broom resources below. If you have a copy of the book at home it is great to read a real book as well as watch the YouTube link.

I hope you have fun with it and I can't wait to see what your designs look like.


Friday - Celebrating the Feast of The Epiphany 

I wanted to give a full focus to the Epiphany we have dedicated a day to it.

Please start with thinking about the Christmas story and what you remember from our work before the holidays. 

Have a watch of the film clip below - follow the link...

Can you retell the story of the Kings arriving from the short story you have just watched.

Can you draw a picture from you favourite part?

Can you think about the colours that these very 'Wise men' would have been wearing?

I have added lots of tasks for you below.  

there is:

1. An information powerpoint all about the traditions and meanings behind the Epiphany.

2. A talk and explore set of photographs.

3. A Three Wise Men art activity.

4. some special paper for you to write on.

5. A 'key word' mat to use. 

6. Have a go at making a crown - you can be king for the day!


Well done for your hard work, I hope you have enjoyed the tasks.

Mrs H x