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Week beginning 2nd November 2020

Monday 2nd November is an INSET day.

Tuesday 3rd November


We will be watching some short video clips of fireworks and describing the sounds they make.

We will list these words together- for example: boom, bang, fizz, whoosh...

We will discuss that most of these sounds are loud and sometimes when we are reading words like these, they are written in capital letters to show they are to be said loudly.

In our session today we will rehearse capital letter formation and recognition of which capital letter matches each lower case letter. There is a sheet below to reinforce this.

We will then be changing firework sound words into capital letters and use exclamation marks to show they are loud. Pick one of the 3 sheets below to have a go at.


We are working on ay/ee sounds in class.

The spellings are listed on the sheet below and the phonics sheet that goes home on Wednesday can also be found below.


We are working on subtraction in class.

There are some teaching slides to go through with your child and then please select an appropriate page of calculations to complete with your child from the selection below (they do not need to do all of them!)

There are also some sheets that link to the teaching slides if you would like to work through them.

Afternoon maths task- 2D shapes

We will be naming basic 2D shapes- circle, square, triangle and rectangle.

We will then be cutting and sticking shapes to make a symmetrical  exploding firework picture by arranging shapes carefully across the line of symmetry made by folding a sheet of black paper in half.