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Week beginning 11th October


Here are some tasks to help you with your home learning...

Phonics - choose a sound a day. (or 2 if you are up to the challenge)

This week we are looking at the sounds 






Say the sound

Go for a hunt around the house for words starting with the sound.

Can you have a go at drawing a picture of some of the things you have found?

Have a go at writing the initial sound for the word to practise.  Can you write any more letters from the word?

Here is a link to some songs that we use in class to help with your own word treasure hunts at home. 

Teach your monster to read songs




There are some resources below if you would like to have a go at some recording sheets...

There is an eye-spy game too... Maybe you could create your own. 



This week we are looking at counting to 5 and adding up to 5. We are doing this through stories. The links are below. 

Task 1: A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson

Listen to the story.

Count how many animals go in the house. Don't forget one more for the old lady. Can you match the people to a number? 

1 2 3 4 5

Below is a 5 frame (A long grid - one square down 5 squares across) We use 5 frames to help us to count in Reception.  We put oe item in each square and look at how many spaces there are to make 5 and how many we have so far. )


Task 2: Seaweed soup by Stuart J. Murphy

Listen to the story

Can you set up a tea party - who will be coming to share your soup? Will it be seaweed soup? Can you make sure that everyone has a bowl, spoon and a seat? Who is coming to your special meal? 

Task 3: The Enormous Turnip

http:// /teach/school-radio/eyfs-listen-and-play-the-enormous-turnip/zh6md6f

There are some resources below to give you some more opportunities to explore the story. 

Can you listen to the story - you may even have a copy at home to read together?

Can you count how many characters are used to pull the turnip out? Can you add them to the 5 frame from the last task?

What happens if you need more than 1 Five Frame?

Communication Language and Literacy

This week we are using the Enormous Turnip as a focus story - it is a traditional tale that has been used for many years. It is a really good story for young children as it has repetition, counting on, one more and a hero at the end!

  • The Enormous Turnip - use the story to retell.

  • Make some puppets and create a puppet show.

  • Build your own puppets from Lego / Duplo.

  • Make some masks and be a one-man story.

  • Use your toys to create your story. 

  • Write the story

  • Draw pictures to retell the story. 

  • Have fun with it!


This week we have been learning how to hold a knife and fork. Can you butter some bread and then cut it up into small bite sized squares with your knife and fork ready to eat?

Can you think about your favourite food and where it has come from.  Does it come from an animal or does it come from a plant.

Can you put 5 of your favourite foods into these categories. You could draw pictures or place them onto 2 sides of the table and take a photograph. 

Have fun.

Mrs H x