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Week Beginning 7th February

Welcome to this week's learning. 

Communication Language and Literacy & Expressive Arts

Our story of the week is Supertato. Listen to and read the story (If you have a copy).

Supertato is also a story on CBeebies bedtime stories - check it out!

Can you retell the story? 

Draw a picture of Supertato?

Can you create a mode of transport for Supertato? - would he have a car, plane, train, truck, boat?

Can you draw a plan? Label it and then have a go at making it



This week is our last week of our maths topic of 'Growing 6,7,8' Our focus for the week is measurement. We are exploring measuring time, length and height.

I have added the links for the sessions on the maths page - tab on the left. 



We are looking at the last 3 sounds in set 2

Have a look at the resource sheets in the phonics file on the left. 

Also go back through all the sounds that we have looked at over the last 6 weeks.