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Week Beginning 22nd March

Welcome to this week's learning.

We will be focusing on PSED on Monday.

Personal Social and Emotional Development

Today the Persona Dolls have come in – Tom and Nina need some help.

Tom has been playing he wants a bucket at the sand tray and Nina takes it off him.  Tom grabs it back. 

What is wrong with this?

What should Nina do?

Tom starts to cry. What is wrong with this?

What should Nina do instead?

Today we are going to think about how to stand up for ourselves but without getting cross or angry. 

Independent Task:  to write in the speech bubble below what you can say to your friend without getting cross or angry. 

Phonics on Tuesday 

This week we are working on consolidating all of the set 2 sounds. We are working through them daily .  Here is the link from Oxford owl to familiarise yourselves with the flashcards.

I have added alien / nonsense word, flash cards to help you use your sounds to blend them together. 

Knowledge and Understanding of the world - History

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we are exploring a historical element of our curriculum...

What are our favourite celebrations throughout the year?

We will be looking at our year at school so far and plotting all of the events on a time line.  Our main focus will be on Christmas and Easter. Have a look at home and see if you can find any photographs of the celebrations that you have had.

We will also be looking at where these celebrations take place in the year. 

Thinking about seasons, weather and the months of the year.

I have added some resources below to help you think about the year in seasons and months. 

What do you associate with these special occasions? Clothes, food, place, people, gifts, cards, etc..