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Week 6 - w/b 24.5.21

Make the Rules Day! See the poster below. What could you join in with from home?  This is where we will be choosing our Yoga from.  We'll be learning this dance.


Spellings - station, potion, lotion, action, fraction, friction, half, whole and behind.


Reading - Can you quiz on a reading book on Accelerated Reader using this link



Monday - Commas for lists. See attachment below.

Tuesday - Can you write some sentences using commas for lists? Could you write some lists of things that you have at home? What toys so you have in bedroom? What fruit do you have in your kitchen? What else could you write about? Try and write at least four sentences.

Wednesday - We are starting to write our own Twisted Tale story today.  We are thinking about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We will be changing where the beats live, the three things that Goldilocks tries (instead of beds, chairs and porridge) and also how Goldilocks leaves e.g. could she get arrested? Have ago at thinking of ideas and starting to write your story today; finish this tomorrow.

Thursday - Finish writing your twisted tale version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears today.

Friday - Do your spelling quiz today.


Maths - This week we are focusing on learning about time.

Storybots, What's the Time?

Here are some of the songs we'll be using to help us:

Monday - Can you tell the time to o'clock? Challenge video link (o'clock and half past).

Tuesday - Can you tell the time to o'clock and half past? Challenge video link (quarter past and quarter to)

Wednesday - Can you compare time? Challenge video link (telling the time to 5 minutes).

Thursday - Can you write time? Challenge video link (hours and days).

Friday - There is no Maths lesson today as we are having 'Make the Rules Day!'