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Week 6 - Maths - Week beginning 12th July

This week in class we have been looking at maps  - on Monday we looked at the story Little Red Riding Hood.  We talked about the route she took through the woods to get to Granny's house. The children drew out maps and talked about the route she would take.

On Tuesday in class we looked at the route we take on our way to school each day.  The children looked at landmarks they pass and all the things they see on their route. 

Wednesday  - The session from White Rose is about planning a course for an activity. You could have a go at doing it for a member of your family or even your toys. 

I have given you an extra challenge to draw a plan of a room in your house. See the Design your bedroom plan tab on the left. 

Throughout this week and next week - our final week we will be looking at Maps, plotting routes and creating our own maps.

We will be looking at stories connected to routes and maps. 

Here is the link from White Rose for you to log into Miss Cooper's lessons and the PowerPoint's are below for you to go through for consolidation. 

Each day there is a different theme to look at for following and making your own map.


Here are some great books - you may have them sitting on your book shelf at home!

The Secret Path – Nick Butterworth

Episode  to watch-

Story book reading

 Me on the Map – Joan Sweeney

Read along link:

 Little Red Riding Hood – Traditional

Link for Little Red Riding Hood:

 If I Built a House – Chris Van Dusen

Link for If I Built a House

In Every House on Every Street – Jess Hitchman

Link for In Every House on Every Street:

Once Upon a Time Map Book – B.G. Hennessy