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Week 5 - w/b 17th May

Reading - Read your stage book(s). When you have finished quizzing do your Accelerated Reader quiz using this link. If you fill up your sunflower phone the office to let us know!


Spellings - Spellings this week are: government; equipment; treatment; movement; appointment; enjoyment; everybody, every and because.



Monday - Contracted words. Watch the videos and complete the activity below.

Contracted wordsContractions 1, Contractions 2, Contractions 3 

Tuesday - Do you understand what all of your spellings mean? If not, ask a grown-up to explain them to you. Now can you write a sentence with one of your -ment spellings in each sentence?

Wednesday - Watch the The Ugly Duckling video. Can you spot the missing punctuation? See the sheet below.

Thursday - Commas for lists. Watch these videos. English Stars, Commas Rap and Commas Series. can you complete the activity below?

Friday - Do your spelling quiz today.


Maths - Please see the video links and activity sheets below

Monday - Patterns with 2D and 3D shapes

Tuesday - Partitioning numbers

Wednesday - Comparing numbers. No video link today. There are some Base 10 you could print out to use as resources in the files below.

Thursday - Ordering numbers. No video link today. Remember to use your Base 10 resources from yesterday. For the Thursday Maths challenge only do the first page of the attachment below. See the Thursday and Friday Challenge video here.

Friday - Subtraction crossing 10. Friday Maths challenge - Do the second page of the maths challenge from Thursday.