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Week 4 - w/b 28th June

Spellings - Waves, ocean, crew, helmet, visor, hovercraft and harbour.


Read for at least 20 minutes.

Accelerated Reader quiz link. Remember that you are only allowed to quiz at home if you are isolating or waiting for a test result. The rest of the time we only quiz at school.



Monday - Practise your handwriting today. Can you do joined up writing? Be careful of your ascender and descender letters.

Tuesday - Can you learn what these words mean? Wave, froth, tide, sploshing, plopping and swaying. Draw pictures next to each word to help you remember.

Wednesday - Can you write a poem about the see using the template below?

Thursday - Can you publish your poem? Write it up neatly onto some paper. Can you do some illustrations to go with it? Remember to use a capital letter for the start of each line.

Friday - Do your spelling quiz


Maths - See attachments below.