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Week 3 - w/b 21st June

Spellings - Practise your spellings at home. Hero, medal, shipwreck, island, thunder, lightning and lighthouse.

- Read for at least 20 minutes everyday.

Accelerated Reader quiz link. Remember that you are only allowed to quiz at home if you are isolating or waiting for a test result. The rest of the time we only quiz at school.


Literacy - This week we are going to be directors. We'll be working in groups to make our own films about Grace Darling like this.

Monday - We are starting to learn about Grace Darling. Use the attachments below to learn some facts about her.

Tuesday - Can you write four sentences to retell the story of Grace Darling's brave rescue? This will be your script for your film tomorrow.

Wednesday Art link- Can you make a model of the Grace darling rescue? You could use this to help you make your film tomorrow.

Thursday - Can a grown-up record you reading your script out loud and moving different parts of your model to make your short Grace Darling film?

Friday - Do your spelling quiz


Maths - We are learning about measuring mass this week. See the attachments below.

Monday -






Computing - We are learning how to take photos this week. Can you create a collection of photos by taking different photos of the same thing? For example nature or your favourite toys. Can you edit the photo by cropping it, using some effects or changing the brightness?