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Wednesday 26th January

Good morning and welcome to today's learning.

Physical development - fine motor control skills

This is a web address to a link that we use in school.  The children are all at very different stages in their handwriting, letter formation and pencil grip.  This site takes you through the stages. Last term we looked at the straight lines. We are now on curves. It shows you a little clip first and then you get a chance to have a go.  If you could start each day with a little bit of handwriting – it will help with letter formation.

Tunnels  - pre handwriting patterns.


Today's new sound is 'igh'

I have added the Read Write Inc sheet below for you. 

igh – fly high

List of igh words – high, night, light, fright, bright, sight, might

For today's writing task - 


We are making 8 today.

Putting spots on the ladybird.

How can you lay out the spots on the ladybird to show different ways to make 8?

You could make an insect today to show the number 8.

Which animals have 8 legs?

I have attached some crafty plans and ideas below for making paper plate creatures or pebble ones – I am sure you have some ideas of your own. Or you may just want to draw one!

I have also added colouring sheets minibeasts and a colouring by number. (There are lots of them so be careful if you are just pressing print!)

Here is the session from Miss Copper today

Here is today's maths task:

Communication Language and Literacy

The link for Zog and the Flying Doctors is below. This version is read by Julia Donaldson and the Staff from Great Ormond Street Hospital. I hope you enjoy it.

Once you have read or listened to the story. 

Can you retell the story to a grown up - can you think of your favourite?

 I have added a format below for you to use if you would like to use it.

Knowledge and Understanding

You have a special job for the next 3 days – it will be an ongoing project.

I would like you to think about our story this week of Zog and the Flying Doctors. 

I would like you be like the flying doctors and you need to look after the animals in your kingdom.

Can you find a little area in your bedroom or somewhere else in your house that your family are happy for you to use to set up an Animal Hospital.

I have attached lots of resources below for you as ideas - you could definitely create your own – so they are just to inspire you!

Step 1: getting the hospital ready.

Do you have sufficient premises?

You will need some beds for the patients – (cardboard boxes / paper – to create them)

Do you have blankets for your patients?

What do you have to make your animals comfortable? (Cushions, books to read, )

Try to make your hospital the most comfortable and welcome place to be.

Stage 2 tomorrow!

Well done for your learning today.

Make sure you share some stories with a grown up.

Here are some books just in case you wanted something new!

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