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Wednesday 20th October

Good morning and welcome to Wednesday

Physical Development

We start our Wednesday's by looking at gross motor and fine motor skills.  I have attached a link to a handwriting website that we use in school. We are having a look at circle and 8 patterns today. 

Some warm up activities to get you ready for writing...

Lots of pre-handwriting patterns to try

OOOO they are tricky - try the challenge at the bottom of the link page. 

I have attached below an Autumn themed handwriting pattern. 

If you are feeling confident explore the handwriting page to look at the letter shapes. Remember they all start at the top!



Today we are looking at pppp. 

Down the plait and over the pirates face. 

Have a look at the resource sheet below - can you say the pppp words.  Can you write them? 

purse / pizza / pencil / pirate



Today in maths we are exploring big and small. 

We will start with a story... Mr Big by Ed Veer. Here is the link...

Once you have heard the story can you think about why things have to be big and why some things have to be small. 

Can you explore your kitchen cupboards - (with a grown -ups permission) 

Can you find containers that you are allowed to use that are considered big and small. 

Can you fill your containers with items that you can find around the house. Bricks, blocks, beads, buttons anything small.  Can you count and compare how many each container will hold?


Well done for some great work today.  If you have time for some more challenges - why don't you check out the hedgehog challenges on the start of the week page. 

Mrs H x