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Wednesday 19th January

Hello and welcome to today's learning

We are going to look at the story of Zog this week.  Here is a version for you to listen to. (the book is slightly different to the BBC short film)

Can you use your writing skills to retell your favourite part of the story. 

Do you like the part when Zog learns to fly?

Meets the princess?

Earns his first gold star?

There is a writing frame for you below if you would like to use it.

I have also added a Zog colouring sheet - if you wanted to have a bit of 'colour therapy'!

Today's Maths 

Here is the link from White Rose.  Miss Cooper will take you through the online learning today.

Here is you challenge for today...


Don't forget your phonics today - check out the phonics tab on the left - Today's sound is...

ng - a thing on a string