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Tuesday 25th January

Good morning and welcome to today's learning.

Physical development - fine motor control skills

This is a web address to a link that we use in school.  The children are all at very different stages in their handwriting, letter formation and pencil grip.  This site takes you through the stages. Last term we looked at the straight lines. We are now on curves. It shows you a little clip first and then you get a chance to have a go.  If you could start each day with a little bit of handwriting – it will help with letter formation.

Tunnels  - pre handwriting patterns.


Today's new sound is 'ee'

I have added the Read Write Inc sheet below for you. 

ee- what can you see

List of ‘ee’ words – see, three, been green, seen, keep, need, sleep, feel

For today's writing task - have a go at writing 'ee' words. How well can you write eeeeeee. Remember - lift off the top, scoop out the egg. (how to write it)



Today we are going to move onto number 7.  When we think about the number 7 - we look at the formation of the number, and we think about the value.

Rainbow's have 7 different colours.

If you would like to have a go at some ‘arty maths – you could create a rainbow today.  Think about the order of the colours – I have attached some PDF’s below to help you out if you need some.

The White Rose maths there is a sorting task – it is based around dominoes.  I have attached some PDF’s of different types of domino’s -if you have a set at home - use them!

Have a look at the activity – can you find different ways to make 7 – you could use the blank dominoes. Or put objects onto two different plates.

Here is the session from Miss Copper today

Here is today's maths task:

I have added lots of resources below - dominoes and rainbows - they will help you to develop your knowledge of 6 and 7. I hope you have fun!

Well done for your learning today.

Make sure you share some stories with a grown up.

Here are some books just in case you wanted something new!

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