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Tuesday 18th January


Welcome to today's learning.

In class today - it is a PE day - have a go at doing your favourite work out routine. (if you are felling up to it!)

Personal Social and Emotional Development

This week we are going to think about our feelings – I am sure there are lots of different feelings being shared around your homes at the moment.  I have added a PDF for you to make a dice – it is in black and white – so your first job is to print it out and colour it in.  If you are not able to print out you could make a spinner with some card and a pencil.

You need to draw a circle (draw around a plate / bowl ) to create your circle – cut it out and then draw lines to make 6 sections. (Like a pizza)

The six emotions are angry, disgusted, happy (just ok) sad, scared (spiky hair) and worried.

Task – once you have made your dice or your spinner: Roll the dice / spin the spinner to land on one of the emotions.  Can you talk about a time when you have felt like this - if not , can you think of a story when one of these feelings was acted upon. Here are some examples for you…

Little bear felt sad when he saw his chair was broken in the story of Goldilocks.

In the story of Supertato the carrot felt scared when he was stuck to the conveyor belt.

In the story of Supertato Evil Pea felt angry when he got trapped by Supertato.

In the story of the three little pigs, as well as being scared they would have been disgusted with the wolf for ruining their houses. Have you ever tasted anything disgusting – after our food tasting last week there were a couple of comments about the celery we tried!

In the story of Little red riding hood – I think she would have felt worried travelling through the woods.

In the story of Zog I think he would have felt happy turning up to school each day.

Today's Maths 

Here is the link from White Rose.  Miss Cooper will take you through the online learning today.

Here is you challenge for today...


Don't forget your phonics today - check out the phonics tab on the left - Today's sound is...

ch - 'achooo - the caterpillar has made the horse sneeze!