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Topic 1 - To 20 and Beyond

Our first topic is 3 weeks long. 

We are looking at the numbers to 20.

Can you count to 20?

Can you spot the numbers to 20?

Can you see how numbers 11 - 20 are made?

In class we will be using a ten frame to help us. Our first ten frame will be full as we are dealing with numbers more than ten. I need a second ten frame. Have you got one? 

Let's have a look at how to make the numbers, it goes like this...

11 is 10 and 1 more. 

12 is 10 and 2 more 

13 is 10 and 3 more.

14 is 10 and 4 more.

15 is 10 and 5 more.

16 is 10 and 6 more.

17 is 10 and 7 more.

18 is 10 and 8 more.

19 is 10 and 9 more.

20 is 10 and 10 more.

Have a go at making these numbers at home. You could use Lego, Duplo, buttons, pasta - anything that you have a lot of. 


Can you grab a handful of one of your items and estimate how many you have in your hand?

Did you guess correctly or was you estimation a number that was more or fewer then the items in your hand?