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Thursday 8th October 2020

Maths- Part-whole models

Watch the following video. Part-whole model (2)

Year 1- Part-whole model

Complete the activity attached below.

Literacy- Harvest acrostic poem

Watch the following video explaining what happens during harvest.

Harvest time

Last Week Year 1 wrote the following harvest poem.

Harvest time is here again

A time to eat the lovely food

Red juicy apples, rhubarb and rice

Vegetables are fruit are healthy too

Everything is tasty and sweet

So lets all celebrate 

Thank you God for ....

Write out the poem in your best handwriting. You can use the sheet found below. Think of your own idea for the final line - Thank you God for...



In class we have been describing the appearance and texture of different materials.

Your next task is to test different materials to see if they are waterproof, transparent or soft and then sort the materials into the groups shown on the sheet below.

In class we have been sticking small pieces of material to the sheet- for example, cotton wool, tin foil, plastic bag, tissue. At home, you could simply draw and label materials- if you don't have samples available.