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Thursday 21st October

Welcome to Thursday.  We are having an RE themed day today.  I hope you enjoy the tasks. 

We will start with our phonics first - so we can continue to build on our reading and writing skills.


Today's sound is gggggg

 - Round her face down her hair and give her a curl.

Have a go at the words on the resource sheet from Read Write Inc - see below. 

gate / glasses / goat /  girl

Can you think of any more ggg words? 


Today we are going to finish our topic on 'Myself' we have been learning about our name, our family name and why we are precious.  God has knows us all, and he is always there to protect us.  We are precious and precious things need looking after. 

Today we are looking at a piece of scripture. 

Read Isaiah 43-1:2

God says:

You are precious to me. I love you.

I know you.

I know your name.

I call you by your name. You are my child

Go and have a look in the mirror have a really good look at your beautiful face. You are the precious gift that God has created. 

Here are some challenges for you to do today  - they should take you through to the rest of the day.

1. draw / paint a self portrait.

2. make a frame for your portrait - you could add some shiny items to make your frame extra special. When they are both dry - frame your picture.

3. find or make or decorate a box - this box is for precious things. Make it look really special.

4. you are going to fill your box with precious things - if you are short on time you could put the things in your box (but you may miss them) draw a picture of each thing and put your drawing in the box.  Can you write a label to go with each item?

End your day with a little “Thank You” prayer to God for making you so precious.

Well done for your amazing work today.

Mrs H x