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Thursday 20th January

Today's Maths 

Here is the link from White Rose.  Miss Cooper will take you through the online learning today.

Here is you challenge for today...


Don't forget your phonics today - check out the phonics tab on the left - Today's sound is...

'nk'  - I think I stink 

Communication Language and literacy and Expressive Art and Design

From the story Zog – Zog struggled to get things right – he found lots of the tasks a real challenge. 

Today I would like you to create a reward chart – one that  you could earn points on for effort. Trying your best, always carrying on. Could you think about how you could maybe be a feature on the reward chart – you could be like Zog.  Always willing to have a go, always wanting to try your best and never giving up!

I have attached some reward chart designs below – they may be of some use to you.

I hope you are creative with your ideas. Have fun!

Things to think about.

Is there a theme?