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Thursday 15th July

Good Morning Reception

Could you start your day with Maths today. 

I have moved the resources to this page to make it easier for you - everything is in one place for today. 


Today Miss Cooper will guide you in creating treasure maps.

Here is a story with a treasure map in it - it may inspire you?

Pete the cat and the treasure map.

Here are some other stories that are linked to our maths topic this week. You may enjoy a story time and a snack!


 Me on the Map – Joan Sweeney

Read along link:

 Little Red Riding Hood – Traditional

Link for Little Red Riding Hood:

 If I Built a House – Chris Van Dusen

Link for If I Built a House

In Every House on Every Street – Jess Hitchman

Link for In Every House on Every Street:




I will do a zoom session at 10.10. Our first zoom session will be on phonics.  We have a Set 3 sound to look at.

We have been introduced to the sound in class, but we can become experts on it today.

 I have put the resources below to support you after the session. 

Our sound is 'aw' — yawn at dawn. 

There is a collection of games, flashcards and challenges to support you. 

'aw' is a set 3 sound, and we have been working through the set 3 sounds in class.  Some children are ready for this challenge and some children are working on set 2 sounds. 

I have added set 2 sound resources in a tab on the left to recap on and build familiarity with. 

We are going to play Phonics play Pirates today - you may want to have a go on your own after the session - see if you can beat your score! Here is the link.

Well done - once you have had a try at a phonics challenge, there are word searches and flash card challenges below - have a break!


Zoom session 2

RE - Our World. In our session today I will go through some pictures about a little girl who lives in a country in Africa called Ethiopia. 

Today in our session we are going to think about water - this special gift that God has given us. 

We are going to think about the importance of water and what we use it for each day. 

We know God made the world, we know we have water, we know that some people in the world have no water, some people in the world can get water, but it is not easy. God said “take care of the world”, what are we going to do?

God said we need to take care of the world – talk to the children that it is from Based on Psalm – 65:9 God said, “Take care of the world”.

Your Task today...

We are going to tell others how we use water.

Choose 2 tasks from the list below.

1.Create a poster showing all the ways that you use water.  - here are a few to start you off. To drink, cook with, flush the toilet…

2.The Psalm says - Let’s take care of the world… 

If we think about this phrase related to water – how can we look after the water that is in the world.

Can you paint / draw a picture about how we can care for water.

3. Can you write a letter to Azmera.  Can you tell her about all the things that you use water for.

4. We need to tell others about how to look after water. Can you create an information poster to teach others to be careful with water.  Maybe you could display it in your kitchen or bathroom to remind your family to turn the tap off.

A little challenge for you...

Every time you use water today - put a mark on paper or a brick in a pot.  At the end of the day, count up how many times you use water in a day. 

You will be surprised!

Well done for your work today  - don't forget to do some reading. 

Mrs H x