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Summer 2 - Tell me a story

Welcome to our last half-term of the school year.

This term we will be using the children's love of stories to inspire the learning. 

We have a wonderful trip to the theatre booked in the middle of the term - we are very excited!

Stories are such a wonderful escape -

-they help us to forget our worries.

- imagine a different world.

- become another character.

- initiate a conversation with a friend.

- get cosy for some quiet time!

We love stories... this year we have used them in all of our topics. We have had some favourites like The Gruffalo and Tiddler. Now as the year has progressed, so have the children's tastes. It has been lovely to see and hear what some of their favourites are. There is a snapshot below. 

It should be a wonderful seven weeks - let's fill it with stories!

Mrs H x