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Reception 2021 Autumn term 2

Welcome to our Autumn 2 Topic 

Night-time Tales.

We will be looking at Nocturnal animals, facts and stories. 

Here are some of the questions that the children would like answered during our topic. 


Why do bats hang upside down?

What do they do When do they sleep?

Why do nocturnal animals come out at night?

Where do they go in the day?

What do they do at night?

Can we help them in any way?  

What do bats eat and where do they sleep.

Do bats really sleep upside down?

Do bats have feet?

What colour eyes do owls have?

What do nocturnal animals eat? 

Do all nocturnal animals hibernate?

Why are these animals nocturnal? 

Are animals becoming less nocturnal?

How do bats communicate?

Is a slug a nocturnal animal – because they come out at night?

Some amazing questions - thank you - so much to think about!

Maybe some of them get answered out and about at home, and you could share your findings with us in school. 

Thank you for all of your planning ideas - I have added them below for you to look at.