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Patterns Resources

The resources below are all linked to patterns.  

Here are some notes to help you with the learning intention behind the work on patterns. 

In the Autumn term we looked at the first stages of patterns.  We are now looking at more complex patterns this term. (We worked on patterns that worked AB AB AB in th Autumn Term) 

The children will explore patterns which use items more than once in each repeat for example ABB, AAB, AABB, AABBB.

To create you pattern successfully you need 3 full units for it to work. For example

red blue green - red blue green - red blue green.

The more units of repeat, the easier it is to identify and continue the pattern.

Say each pattern aloud and to create patterns around the edge of shapes as well as in straight lines.

Once you are confident with patterns and following them - can you have a look at a pattern that has a mistake in it! There is one below for you...