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Our Learning

Curriculum Intent

At St Peter’s we offer an ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum that is accessible for all. Our curriculum is attentive to the needs of our children and is illuminated by the Gospel message and reflects our Christian values.

All teaching and learning opportunities are carefully planned, adapted and sequenced to ensure that all aim high and succeed.

We make the most of learning both inside and outside of the classroom to best prepare our children to move on to the next phase of their lives.

Reading is at the heart of all that we do. From the very beginning of their time with us, we foster a passion and love for literature. We believe that reading develops the imagination and understanding. Reading also develops a person’s ability to empathise with the world surrounding them. Reading is the key to enabling children to access other subjects and develop key skills.

We firmly believe that our cross curricular curriculum should offer an appropriate balance between the development of key skills and acquisition of knowledge as well as the opportunity to creatively utilise these things in order to explore and problem solve.

Our curriculum enables us to develop key values which are central to all that we do:








Our vision, values and beliefs inspire the curriculum. The children at St Peter’s are taught to take responsibility for their own learning, for each other and for their school environment. They leave with a sense of identity and responsibility. We aim to promote a love for learning that they are able to take into the wider community and serve it well.

If you would like any more specific information about the curriculum we are following, please contact the school office by email -