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Number formation resources

I have added a collection of resources below to support your child with number formation.

Once you have had a go at forming the numbers away from paper and they are showing that they are ready to mark the page have a go with some of the number formation activities below. 

Before you are ready to put the mark on the page try these...

Put a thin layer of flour / icing sugar on a plate and trace the numbers with your finger.

Make some salt dough / playdough make the numbers by rolling out a long thin snake to start with. 

GO large - get a decorating painting brush - the bigger the better and a bucket of water.

Head outside - On a dry day, you need the ground ot be dry.

Using the water - paint the numbers on the ground , walls. Make the massive!

Once you are more confident with the water painting have a go with chalk. 

If you are feeling confident have a go with the resources below. 

Have fun!

Mrs H x