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Monday 19th July

Hello Welcome to Monday 

I hope you have had a nice weekend and I look forward to seeing you later on Zoom. 

Session 1: Maths

Maths Today is about refining our skills from the term and showing off about what we can already do. 

Here is the link from White Rose for you to follow Miss Cooper's lesson.

I have added the task below and the Powerpoint slides if you would like to work through it at your own pace. 

Session 2 - Zoom lesson


We have another new sound today 

'are' care and share.  

It is a trigraph sound — 3 letters one sound.  We have learnt a trigraph sound before in set 2 — so we can definitely try another one!

Here are some 'are' words.

Share, dare, scare, square, bare

Here is a YouTube link to watch the sound being taught.

Task - Can you draw a picture of you showing someone that you care and then write all the 'are' words you know around it!

Break time - go and have a break and I will se you for our next Zoom session.


Zoom Session 2 — PSED

This is the end of our 'Changes' unit today — I am going to read you a story — it is one of my favourites. It will really make you think — you need to be in a quiet place, so you can listen really carefully.  There is a lot to think about. If you have the book at home you can follow along, but I have the pictures for you to look at, so please don't worry. All you need are your listening ears and your thinking brains!

Oh' the places You'll Go — by Dr Seuss

Here is the Youtube link...

When we think about all the things we may do, experience and the exciting stages in our life - we will have many feelings and emotions.  Some of these challenges we will embrace and be ready to do and some of them we will be hesitant and worried about.  I hope the skills that you have learnt throughout your year in Reception have taught you to be resilient and persevere no matter what challenges are thrown at you.

Your Task: From all the skills that we have learnt and developed last week on plans and maps can you draw out a map of all the places you would like to go.  You may be like Dr Seuss and travel in a very creative way, or you may like to walk.  Be as creative as you like.  I am really looking forward to seeing these plans from you - could you please bring them in on your return. (Tomorrow!!)

Well done everyone.

You should now have 3 new sounds in your head and a sense of adventure in your heart!

See you all in the morning.

Mrs H x