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Maths activities for Isolation Work

Exploring Shape

Read the story  - The Three Little Pigs

Talk with your grown up what the pigs made their houses from. Have a look at your house - If you are able to go outside and have a look at the front of your house - count the windows and doors.

What is your house made out of?

What shapes can you see?

How is it different from the house the Three Little Pigs built?

Can you draw / make your house. We are going to make our houses out of a card board box in school - do you have a box at home that you could use?

Send in a picture - I would love to see it. 


Matching and finding pairs.

We have been looking at patterns and things that are the same and different. 

Can you put all the socks together? How do you know?

Socks and  Pairs activity

Can you separate 5 pairs of socks?

How many socks do you have now?

Are there more than 2 the same?

Talk to your grown up about the patterns, colours, sizes you can see. What is the same and what is different?

Count the socks.

Take some away - a different amount each time - recount, can you state the answer?

Activities - There are some PDF files below to help you get a better understanding of the numbers 1,2,3.  Can you sort the numbers, spot the numbers? Write the numbers?