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Learning games and videos

These games are helpful for practising key Maths skills!

Hit the Button (Times tables, number bonds, doubles and halves)

Daily 10 - Mental Maths Challenge - Topmarks  (choose level 2, multiplication, then 2, 5 or 10 times table, and select time as appropriate. (Times tables, number bonds, doubles and halves)

Numbots (Adding and subtracting fluency)

Splat Square (Helps children see the patterns door counting up in different numbers)

Here are some of our favourite videos that we use to help us practise our counting!

Counting in 2s

Scratch Garden - Counting by 2s

Singing Walrus - Counting in 2s


Counting in 5s

Scratch Garden - Counting by 5s

Counting by 5s


Counting in 10s

Count by tens together

Scratch Garden - Counting by 10s

Jack Hartman - Counting in 10s

Counting in 10s to 120


Counting in 3s

The Counting by Threes Song - Scratch Garden

Count by 3s Song

Counting By Threes Song


Two times table

Multiply by 2

2 Times table song

The 2 times table song

Multiply by 2

The 2 Times Table with Bridget the Lioness


Five times table

Multiply by 5

5 Times Table Song - Percy Parker

Five Times Table Song - Numberblocks

Multiply By 5

The 5 Times Table with Posh Pooch


Ten times table

Ten times table song adventure

Skip Count by 10 and 10 times table - Number Rock

The 10 Times Table with Webster the Spider

10 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning!


Three times table

The 3 times table with Professor Pipette

3 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning!

3 Times Table Adventure 

3 Times Table Song - Numberjacks



Commas for lists - English Stars

Commas for lists - Brain

Commas for lists - Rap.


Foundation subjects