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Isolation work for week beginning 16th November 2020


This week we are looking at circles and triangles in maths.  I hope you enjoy the White Rose Maths challenges look at the web link below for the daily video clip tasks and the PDF's for the challenges.

Some stories you may like this week about a circle and a triangle. 

Triangle by Jon Klassen 

Circle by Jon Klassen


We are also going to look at some art work by The painter and Artist  Wassily Kandinsky there is a PDF below to show you some pictures from the Russian artist who lived from 1866 to 1944. Why don't you have a go at creating some of your own? 

Reading and Phonics

Have a look at the Oxford Owl site for ebooks to read this week - This is the one we are going to be reading in class on Friday. The Toys' Party.

Here are some more books with flash card style pages - they are great for reading through and blending your sounds together without worrying about a whole story.    Blending book 1 Blending book 6

Knowledge and Understanding 

This week we are looking at Badgers for our Night time tales topic. I have listed some websites below with Badger facts for children.  Can you choose a fact and then draw a picture of a badger? Make sure you are just using black and white for you picture.