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Isolation work for Week 7 - 19th October


Saying and hearing NO!

We are looking at what happens when someone says 'no' to us!

Have a listen to the story from Tony Ross - I want a friend. com/watch?v=tOIyRIO8HAs

Talk with your child about the story.  How do they feel when someone says 'no' to them.

Talk about what they can do when someone says 'no' and although we may be sad in the instant, it can sometimes be quickly forgotten. How do we pick ourselves up?

New friends

In class we are going to write / draw a picture of our new friend and something we know about them. 

Communication Language and Literacy

Last week we looked at the story A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson.  Can you make your own story book of the story, can you remember the order of the characters. Why is the house a squash and a squeeze?

If you don't have a copy at home I have attached a version from Youtube below. 


We are looking at repeating patterns, size and length this week. The link below is from our Scheme White Rose, there is a video clip a day and a challenge to carry out.


Our new sounds this week are 


q (qu)


Can you think of words with these letters as initial sounds?

Have a look at 'Teach my monster to read' and the Alphablocks to help you.

Play eye spy to find things beginning with these letters.