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Isolation work Tuesday 20th July - 23rd July


If you are isolating this week - for the last 4 days of Reception I have put together some activities and challenges for you.

The maths tasks are on the left — there is one for each day.

There are handwriting and reading challenges in the Summer Term — second half tab.

For the rest of the week in school we are looking at 'fair trade'.

This is part of our RE topic on Our World.

I will put the links to some really wonderful challenges to help you find out a bit more and to gain a better understanding.

Fairtrade is a company that work with farmers overseas to ensure they get a fair price for the crops they are growing. 

The website is called Earth Cubs - there is an app you can download and lots of activities you can do — I will be sharing it with the children when we are back in class - but it may be something you will want to continue to explore when you are at home over the summer.

I have downloaded the resources for you - I have attached them below. 


The Naughty Bus

Here is the link to the story of The Naughty Bus.  It was the story Miss Cooke read us in the meet the teacher session.  I would like you to have a look at the story and then draw a picture from an adventure the Naughty Bus goes on.  Miss Cooke said she would like to see how good you are at drawing and colouring. 

Task: To draw a picture of a place the Naughty Bus goes. 

If you wanted an extra challenge - can you write your own Naughty Bus adventure.