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Isolation work September 2020

If you are isolating at home, or are waiting for a coronavirus test, please use the notes below to help support your child with learning at home.



The Smeds and The Smoos

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Monday- Use known phonics to write words.

Draw Janet and label the picture with descriptions, for example:

red body

yellow feet

long nose


Tuesday- Use finger spaces, full stops and capital letters at the start of sentences.

Write sentences explaining what the Smeds or the Smoos have or like to do.

For example:


Smeds are red and have strange hair on their heads.

They sleep in beds. They like to splash in the lake.

Smeds drink pink milk and eat brown bread.


Smoos are blue.

They sleep in holes and wear strange shoes.

They jump up and down like kangaroos.

Smoos drink black tea and eat green stew.


Wednesday   RE 

In class we will be reading this psalm and illustrating it with our own pictures.

Can you think about how God loves and cares for us all?

Write a sentence about how God loves and cares for us.

You might like to finish one of the sentences below.

God loves us by…..   (being there for us/listening…)

God loves us like…. (a mother crocodile cares for her babies...)


Monday- Matching numbers/ counting with one to one correspondence.

Count to check if there are the same amount in the groups and answer the questions on the sheet.

Matching sheet- count the sets to find the matching sets – with the same number in each.


Tuesday- Comparing numbers

Select a number from a set of cards numbered 1-9.

Find that many objects to make a small set of objects (in class we will be making balls of play dough)

Use a card that says – ‘is greater than’ and then make/find a set of objects to make the sentence correct.

For example:   4 ‘is greater than’ 2

Repeat for other examples.

Then repeat for ‘is less than

For example: 3 ‘is less than’ 5

Then use = ‘is equal to

For example: 6 ‘is equal to’ 6



We will be introducing the signs < > = to compare numbers.

Count and complete the attached sheet – one you can write on, the other you can cut and stick the words. Select the one most appropriate for your child.


Compare Numbers

Watch the following video. Worksheet attached below.


Comparing activity

Watch the following video. Worksheet attached below.



We will be drawing and then painting our own baby aliens by colour mixing red and blue to make a purple alien- like the baby in 'The Smeds and The Smoos'.

If you don’t have paint at home- you can simply draw your own purple alien- be as creative as you like!


We will be working on the long ladder letters- i l t j- starting at the top and moving down- we will be talking about the height of the letters in relation to each other and the placement on the line.


See the attached sheet we will be sending home on Wednesday- this week we will be looking at words with the double letters- zz, mm, rr, bb, gg.