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Isolation work

If you are at home because you have to isolate or you are awaiting a COVID test you might like to try some of these activities. 


Choose a book. Ask your grownup to read it to you. Can you stop the story at various points and talk about what may happen next?

What can you see in the pictures?

Are there people in the story? 

Where does the story take place?

What time of year is it? Autumn , Spring, Summer or Winter? How do you know?

Can you draw a picture from your favourite part of the story?

If you are up for a challenge can you write about your picture. 

name the character / name the location / label something int he picture.


Talk to your grown up about feelings happy and sad.

Can you talk about your feelings for - happy, excited, sad or scared. do you know the different feelings - what happens inside your head or your tummy?

Talk with your child that it is OK  to have any feeling and our job as grown ups is to support you in how to express your emotions. YOu need to understand that it is not OK to behave in any way we like especially if it hurts other people. 

To know some ways to calm themselves down when they feel scared or upset.

Think of some strategies that can help - breathing/ counting from 10 -0 / counting from 1-10.  Finding a quiet place /  talking to someone / colouring / drawing /  having a special thing that helps us to clam down. all of thee are fine, nothing is wrong  - you may even have a different one.

Challenge 2: Have a think about the feelings you have and how your feelings can affect you and other people. 

Have a look at the PDF below it has some questions and story suggestions. (WSCC COVID 19 - Feelings adn their impact)