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Isolation Work for week beginning 23rd November 2020

This week we are looking at Hedgehogs as our focus animal for Night time Tales. We are looking at the number 4 and 5 in our Maths topic of Light and Dark and we are creating our Golden Rules in PSED. 

Night time tales - Hedgehogs

I have attached some PDF's website links and Powerpoints to help you develop your knowledge of Hedgehogs this week. There is also a lovely story as a powerpoint for you to go through. The National Geographic website for Kids has a huge amount of interesting facts - take your time to look at it. The link is below. 

Have a go at drawing a hedgehog, there is a step by step guide below for you.

http://Hedgehog Facts! | National Geographic Kids (

Maths - Light and Dark

We are looking at Number 4 and 5 this week - how many, the formation you can put the items in. Have a look at the daily tasks from White Rose there is one a day. I have also attached some great Numberblocks resources for you. have fun!

http://Light and Dark - Week 1 | White Rose Maths

There are some wonderful stories to go with this weeks theme. I have added the Youtube links below. One of the stories has a BSL signing version. It is wonderful. Have a go at learning the signs. 


http://Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons - YouTube


http://Witches Four - YouTube


http://Kipper's Birthday by Mick Inkpen - YouTube

Can you make a 5th Birthday card for Kipper - can you show the number and something linked to the number in your decorations on the front of the card? 


http://Five Little Fiends by Sarah Dyer - Signed Stories - British Sign Language | BSL | SSE | Read Aloud - YouTube

http://Five Little Fiends by Sarah Dyer | Children's Book Read Aloud - YouTube


I have attached some games for you to play below - rhyming games and odd one out  have a look at them.  

try to identify the initial, end and medial sounds in the words.

Keep reading. Make sure you check out the Ebooks on Oxford Owl site.