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Immersive Writing

At St Peter's we enjoy fully immersing children in an enjoyment of writing, and we do this by making strong links to the community and local area, as well as creating in-school days where children have the opportunity to experience things they wouldn't normally get to. 

In the past we have: 

  • written to and invited our MP for Shoreham to discuss the refugee crisis, (he accepted our invitation!)
  • visited Newhaven Fort's Blitz experience and wrote poetry based on the feelings of being in an air raid shelter
  • written poetry to perform at Shoreham Library


Immersive Writing Days

Once a year, St Peter's transforms into something spectacular, with the aim to inspire all children to write.

In the past we have:

  • gone on a flight around the world, different classes stopping off at different locations such as the USA, Africa, some even fot stranded on a desert island!
  • hosted a career day, children decided what jobs they would hold in the future such as chef, doctor and police officer
  • explored ways of raising our fitness and bank balance, some became fitness experts and others helped the teachers develop their party planning service. 
  • travelled back and forwards in time, exploring the land of the dinosaurs, Tudors and thinking about ourselves in the future.