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Year Six is an important year to make sure that the children grow in confidence in organising their homework  - ready for secondary school. Below, the expectations for Year Six homework are outlined:
Homework books
The children take home:
  • One 10 minute reading comprehension book
  • One 10 minute mathematics book
These books will be given out on a Friday and will need to be back in school the following Wednesday. Please bear in mind that the books cover the Year Six curriculum, so concepts may appear that the children have not looked at in detail yet. This is especially the case for mathematics. We will go through the questions as a class and, hopefully, as the year progresses, the children will become more confident in them.
These will be given out fortnightly. The children will bring home a slip of paper with their spellings on. They go out on a Monday and are tested the Friday the week after. If your child has lost their spellings, you can find them on the website at  here.
The children are expected to read for at least half an hour every day. They have both weekly page targets and half termly points targets.
The children have been given their weekly page targets for the first time today. These have been agreed with children and are a weekly goal of pages to read each week, based on their reading speed and level. Hopefully, if they can keep to these targets, then they can meet their half termly points expectation in Accelerated Reader.
Reading journals
The children have reading journals, in which they are expected to fill in their thoughts and comments about their reading book five times a week. These journals need to be given to Miss Stubberfield or Mr English on a Monday each week.
Half termly homework
Finally, the children also have a half termly homework task to choose from. These can be found on the website, as an attachment below.
Google Classroom
At present, we are trialling this with Year Six. We hope to use it in the future to help the children with their homework if it proves successful.
We hope that this makes the homework expectations clear. Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in either contacting Miss Stubberfield or Mr English.
The grid below shows the half term topic homework you can choose from.