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History Curriculum Overview

Below you will find the knowledge, skills and focuses in History at St Peter's

Year Group

Curriculum Focus


Our own timelines, the year and festivals /celebrations

Year One

 Significant individuals- Neil Armstrong, Kings and Queens, Changes in our living memory

Year Two

Significant individuals- Grace Darling, Changes outside of living memory- the Victorians

Year Three

Pre-History, Romans in Britain, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, key historical individual- Nelson Mandela

Year Four

Ancient Civilisations overview, focus on Ancient Egypt and  Ancient Mayan Civilisations

 Music in British history,

Changes over time: Medicine 

Year Five

Local History study: World War 2, Human Rights in the UK- changes over time, Ancient Greece,

Mayan Civilisation and how theatre and performing arts changed (William Shakespeare)

Year Six

Local History Study- Brighton tourism changes to a seaside town,

Changes over time since 1066- Crime and Punishment 

  • Empathy: Understanding how people in the past may have felt 

  • Perspectives: How others will have differing points of view

  • Cause and effect: Why events occurred and what the consequences were

  • Evidence: Using and assessing primary and secondary sources

  • Continuity and change: What has changed and what has stayed the same

  • Impact: What effects did the event have on people at the time and into the future.

Skills: Observing; questioning; recording; communicating; concluding; researching; analysis; reflecting; responding


Below are the planning grids for each year groups history topics and lessons.