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Helping at home

In the Autumn term - The children are just getting used to the routine of school - they are very tried to begin with.

At home: share lots of stories.

Reading a story to your child supports:

 Listening skills


Communication skills



When your child becomes familiar with letters and sounds they can start to spot some letters on the page. 

Writing - making lists.

Let your child take part in the process of writing a list - let them tell you what to put on it - ask them to remember things to add. "When we write the shopping list later can you remind me to add milk to the list."

Draw pictures - talk about what you have drawn. 

When you are out and about

Talk about what you can see.

Can you see numbers / letters on signs, houses, stree names?

Talk about the seasonal changes, weather, trees and the plants. 

We are working hard on using knives and forks at lunchtime - setting the table and using them correctly at home really helps develop fine motor skills.