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We aim for most children to be using joined up (Cursive handwriting) by the end of Year 2.

Below you can see our handwriting guide; the children use this to help them check their letters are correct.


The Year 2 handwriting journey

1. Form letters correctlyDo I start and finish my letters in the right place? Are my letters the right way round? Please look carefully at f, g, j and y as we do not loop these.

2. Start to learn pre-cursive (pre-joining) handwriting. Letters are formed correctly with a lead in and tail out but not joined.

3. Pre-cursive refining. Are my pre-cursive letters the right height e.g. are my letters tall, small or long?

  • Tall letters almost touch the line above - b, d, h, k, t. Capital letters are always tall.
  • Small letters - a, c, e, i, m, n, o, r, s, u, v, w, x and z.
  • Long letters - go below the line and are not looped - f, g, j, q and y

4. Start to join and use cursive writing. Stamina will take a while to build up and their pace might be slightly slower while this is developing.

5. I can use cursive writing all the time. Cursive handwriting is used throughout the curriculum, for example when doing some writing in an Art or Music lesson.