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Governors' Fund / Donations

As a Catholic Voluntary Aided school, 10% of any building costs have to be paid for by the school governing body.  If the money cannot be raised the projects are not approved.

Until quite recently monies required to support the school came via the Parishes we serve as a school.  However, the Diocese recognised that contributions through the Parishes have dropped, along with Mass attendance, and have subsequently withdrawn their capitation policy.  Consequently, we no longer receive any financial support from our Parishes.

We would like to request an annual amount per child of £20.00; this is entirely a voluntary contribution.  The best way of giving to the Governors' Fund is to make your gift tax-efficient.  You can divers some more of your income tax back to the school by making a Gift Aid declaration.  This is a simple declaration which says that you want all the donations you make to the Governors' Fund treated as Gift Aid.  This means that the Inland Revenue will pay back to the Governors' Fund the Income Tax that you paid when you earned that amount of money.  Every £1 donated under Gift Aid is worth £1.25 to the Governors' Fund.  All Gift Aid forms must be signed by a person who is a tax payer and who will also be the signatory on the Bank account/standing order mandate.  Please see the Gift Aid form at the bottom of this page - when completed please return to the school office.

If you are able to make a monthly donation to the school, that would be fantastic.  Please see the Standing Order form at the bottom of this page - when completed please return to the school office.

Over recent years, the following building projects have been undertaken at the school, for which the Governors have had to make their 10% contribution -

July/August 2016                 KS2 toilet refurbishment                                   £108,254.00

July 2015                               Replacement windows and doors                   £104,832.00

September 2013                  Fire Escape Corridor                                          £21,308.00

Our building plans for this academic year include refurbishing the Reception toilet area.  Costs for this are anticipated as being in excess of £60,000.00

As you are probably aware from recent publicity, schools in West Sussex face serious financial implications due to the low amount of money given to schools in this local authority.  For this reason, we are especially relying on your donations this year.

As a school, we are registered with the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) to receive donations to the Governors' Fund.  On the home page of the school website, right hand side there are five buttons.  The button to make your donation is the fourth button from the top.  Alternatively, please use this link -!/DonationDetails

Thank you for your support, which really is appreciated.