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Friday 22nd October


Welcome to Friday's learning.  This is the last day of our half term topic of - 123 it is me. 

We are going to focus on us and our family today. Being at home you have all of your resources at your fingertips! I hope you have a fun day of learning. 

Lets start with our ...


Today's sound is oooo

 - All around the orange.

Can you think of any more ooo words.  The ones on the resource sheet are ...

Octopus / orange / ostrich / otter

My Family tasks

Well done you have been amazing this week. For the rest of the day I have listed some activities for you to do and have added the resources below. I hope you have fun. 

1. Paint / draw a picture of your family.  I have added some paper chain people outlines below - they may be helpful. 

2. Can you tell your grown up all the things that you like doing together as a family - can they write the list of things for you.  You may even have some photos to look back through as reminders of your special days together. 

You could finish your day with another Hedgehog challenge - maybe even baking some biscuits for the weekend!

Best Wishes - you have been amazing!

Mrs H x